How to Use a Vise with Fly Fishing Flies

The process of creating flies is really intricate and needs attention to detail throughout the process. Without patience and spending a lot of time, you cannot make flies and, at times, you will even be required to use both of your hands. However, you can still make the process easy by using a vise. It allows you to shorten the whole process. Keep reading this article to know about the basics of using vise with fly fishing flies.


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    Grip the fish hook so that various colours and materials can be wrapped around it and the process can be started. The vise comes in two styles: pedestal or C-clamp.

    The C-clamp can be attached to any table or sturdy surface. Both come with adjustable grips for various strengths.

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    Determine what type of fish you enjoy pursuing. For example, if it is trout, you will be using smaller flies. To tie smaller flies, a vise with pointed or needle-like grips is best for holding the smaller hooks. For bass flies and plugs, use a vise that can hold large hooks with a rotating adjustable head.

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    Try out a few vises at your local retail store if you are a novice fly fisherman. Test the durability of the vise and its flexibility. There are various models in a wide price range that can hold any size hook efficiently.

    Place a hook in the vise, and turn the hook around various ways. If the hook snaps, but the vise is still holding the bottom part of the hook, you have got a winner.

    It is also recommended to buy a vise with angled grips. This enables you to see the fly at various positions without moving the vise. This is excellent for applying any cement you may need in creating your fly.

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    Place the fly you plan to use on your fly fishing hook. Hold the hook in your hand while you close the vise around the fly itself. Tighten the vise to flatten the fly just enough to make it look realistic.

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