How To Read Quickly and Effectively

Reading fast or quick is possible for any one, but reading effectively so that all what is read is understood at the same time is difficult. Still you can practice to read faster and effectively. It can help you cover your coursework quickly if you are student. It can also help you to finish a book or journal quickly if you are fond of reading. Also being able to read and scan a larger amount of information quickly can help you complete your projects at a faster pace that is a big help, you can do more and more projects. Nevertheless, reading quick is a plus for any one who reads for any purpose, and even without a purpose, as reading for the sack just reading.


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    Read, Read and Read

    More you read will help you read more and more and read at a faster pace effectively. The rule is similar to the one in another areas of skills development, as with more practice and efforts you can achieve greater results at a quicker pace and more effectively. Try to read as much as you can, and there is no time limit how long you read and there is no time restriction when you read. Whenever you find time during the day or at night, at home or office or even travelling in a bus try to read as much as you can. For example, while travelling in a bus you can pick free copy of a newspaper and read it.

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    Read Silently

    Try to read silently or what is called by your heart that your lips do not move. If you read louder with lips moving you are likely to take more time than you read silently. While reading silently it easy to concentrate each word and line and thus you can get better understanding of what you reading. Reading louder might make it awkward for you to understand. Also, by reading louder you are also likely to attract attention of other people around you and they might be disturbed as well.

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    Read Material in Clearly Visible Fonts

    If you are reading a book, try to find one which is printed in larger font. In this age of electronic book readers, you can increase font of the material you are reading to larger font, whether it is computer, e-reader, ipad or any other electronic device. It is to spot and read each word in larger font. However, it is not necessary to find all material in larger fonts. For example, you will have to read newspaper in the font in which they are printed. So some times you cannot exercise the option of changing font style and size.

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    Fluctuate Reading Speed Depending Content

    You can read simpler content more easily, and in that case try to increase speed when you are in such situation. You can take more time when the content is harder to understand. By fluctuating speed you can manage yourself reading at a better speed overall, if not during the time you get more difficult content.

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    Priorities Content

    You can prioritise your content. It is possible that you might have read some stuff earlier, so leave it for the later stage and read and comprehend the content you are reading first time. This will help you manage your time.

  • 6

    Stay Focused

    It is possible that you get your attention diverted to some other issues such as music or some other noise. Try to stay focused on the material you are reading, as once you felt yourself irritating by some unwanted voices or noises, it is likely you take a lot more efforts and time to get back your focus on the stuff you are reading.

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