How to Read the Bible for Better Understanding

In order to have complete peace of mind and to get the courage to deal with challenges of life, there is nothing better than to build a strong connection with God. To please God and to live our lives according to his will, the best way to understand what God wants from us is to read his own words.

It is not simple to understand the Bible as it is not arranged like an encyclopedia. Some experts feel that you can better understand the Bible if you read it by paragraph because it conforms to the original language than verses.


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    Pray before reading the Bible

    Before you open the Bible to read God’s words, you should clean your body and make sure there are no impurities on your clothes or any part of your skin.

    Pray to God and ask for guidance. If you are sincere in your effort to understand the Bible, God will surely help you in seeking the path of truth.

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    Make a goal

    When you start reading the Bible, you should set a goal for yourself that you are going to apply the words of God in every single aspect of your life. You will never be able to understand the true meaning of the Bible if you are just reading the words without the intention of implementing them.

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    Read again if you do not understand something

    If you have read a paragraph, a verse or a chapter and you have failed to understand it, you should read it again. Make sure that you are completely focused and there are no worldly thoughts in your mind while you are reading.

    Having read it twice, if you are still unable to understand it, you should note down the problem area and move forward. It is a possibility that you will naturally understand the true meaning with the help of the next verses of chapters.

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    Consult an expert

    When you are in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert of the Bible or a priest. Make notes of various passages that you might have questions about and do not be afraid to ask someone that has more knowledge than you.

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    Use online resources

    There are many good online resources that include forums that have many users that are always ready to help you understand certain aspects of the Bible. Create an account at one of these forums and you can have an open discussion regarding any passage from the Bible that you might not understand.

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