How To Rebuild a Carburetor

A carburetor is a part of the vehicle that blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. It is vital to the operation of the engine, as the fuel and air needs to be mixed in fixed ratio for the optimum operation of the engine.

In most of the newer vehicles, fuel injection is controlled by an electronic mechanism. However, in the older cars, the carburetor still manages the function of mixing the fuel with the air and then passes the product to the combustion chamber. If there is extra air present in the mixture, the engine will not run smoothly or “do missing” as engine will miss a few of its combustion strokes. Similarly if the fuel is in abundance, it will cause the efficiency of the engine to drop and will thus result in poor mileage.

Carburetors get worn out completely after extended use and requires a complete overhaul from time to time.


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    Get a carburetor rebuilding kit from a nearby hardware store. A carburetor rebuilding kit will have all the parts needed to rebuild a carburetor from the scratch. Ask the dealer whether the kit has rubber parts and gaskets before confirming the purchase.

    Also prepare your garage to start work on your carburetor. The procedure produces a lot of gas fumes so make sure that the place is well ventilated. Also get your hands on a safety mask to keep you safe from these fumes. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from dirt and other debris. The work area should be clean and requires proper lightning as there will be a lot of screws and tiny parts involved in the rebuilding process.

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    Get acquainted with the diagram that comes with the carburetor kit. The figure will vary depending on the type of carburetor you are rebuilding. Spend time on the diagram as it helps later when you will be putting the pieces of carburetor back together.

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    Disconnect the accelerator pump first and then remove the cover of the carburetor. Also remove the air filter that is usually installed on the top of the carburetor and put it away. It is recommended to clean the air filter with the help of a pressure air blower.

    Now start removing the carburetor parts one by one. Note the configuration on a notebook or take snaps with your cell phone to remember the correct order of all the parts. Use a carburetor spray cleaner to clean each part and also rub them with a brush. Now fit in all the parts together following the sequence from your notebook.

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