How to Receive a Fax on IPhone

Receiving a fax on iPhone sounds strange, but it is possible now. Since, you cannot keep a fax machine in your pocket, a different strategy is required to do this job. iPhone is almost a computer itself. It would not be wrong to term it as a mini-computer. The Apple device can also be used as an MP3 and video player.

There are thousands of different applications, making the iPhone a unique experience altogether. Since, the smartphone is designed to satisfy all your communication needs, the feature of receiving a fax on phone has also been added. By using this wonderful service, you can send or receive documents anywhere you want.


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    First of all, you need to understand the idea behind this feature. There are different useful services, which will send you the fax documents through an email. A special fax phone number will be given to you, and the document you receive on that number will be sent to you via email by the service provider.

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    To activate this great service, quickly sign up to a fax to an email service. There will surely be many services available in your area. Since, the entire procedure is online; you don’t need a service having an office near your home.

    You may even sign up to the one that has an office in the neighbouring city. The entire registration process will be done online. As you initiate the registration process, a dedicated number will be allotted to you.

    And whenever a fax is sent to that number, the service will translate the document into a PDF file, and subsequently sent it to you on your email address. You need to provide your personal email address to the service provider.

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    There is no need to worry about the charges. There are no fixed charges, but this service costs from $10 to $20 per month.

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    After getting the dedicated fax number, distribute it among your contacts. No changes are required to make as far as the sending procedure is concerned. Ask the senders to fax as they normally do.

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    The final step is to connect your iPhone to Internet. Wifi is not available everywhere, therefore you need to turn on Edge.

    There is no use of this service, if you are using only Wifi that is available only at your office or home, where you can receive the email in the usual fashion. Open the email that you have given to the service, and find the fax.

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