How to Recognize the Types of Witchcraft

A number of people have their own thoughts on what a witch and witchcraft is. With the advent of Christianity, Witchcraft along with Paganism and Wicca were targeted. A few religions will tell you that a witch is bad or satanic and will just do magic for evil intentions or to harm another person. This is because of the concepts of witches since childhood. Wiccans claim that there is no concept of Satan, Devil or Evil and say these things are fabrications and beliefs of the Christian community. Follow some methods to help you recognise different types of Witchcraft.


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    Things not working

    If all of a sudden you find your entire life all mixed up for no apparent reason, it might be a sign of Witchcraft. Losing your job for having a loved one walk out on you for no apparent reason can often signal that Witchcraft has been done on you. Regardless of your own personal beliefs, Witchcraft does exist and can do irreversible damage to your life, property and peace of mind.

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    Constant bad luck

    When everything just seems to be going against you then it can also be a sign that some type of Witchcraft has been done on you. Unable to get a job or find a soul mate are also good indications something is definitely wrong. If you misplace things like keys or your wallet and find that you are absent minded, the possible cause could be Witchcraft.

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    Poor health

    Constant headaches and the inability to get a good nights sleep can also be reasons to suspect Witchcraft. If you are always feeling tired and your shoulders and neck are constantly hurting then you could be a victim of Witchcraft. Stomach aches and other health related issues can usually be attributed to some form of Witchcraft as well.

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    Physical evidence

    You might not believe in Witchcraft which really doesn't matter as it can still work on you regardless. If you find physical evidence like unusual balls of black string or ashes inside or outside of your home, then there is a good possibility that you might be a victim of Witchcraft. No matter what you might find, always leave it alone and try to find someone more familiar to help you out. You can also use reference materials like books to help you recognise any type of Witchcraft that might be done.

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