How to Refashion a T-Shirt

T-shirts are sold everywhere in the world in low prices and everyone has loads of t-shirts in their closets. If you are planning to get rid of your old T-shirts then you don’t really have to do so as we have many ways to redo them and make them as  good as new! All you have to do is to make use of your aesthetics and add a little creativity! Refashioning or redoing a T-shirt is a fun thing to do and a good time pass. This will also let you wear your T-shirts in your own way by bringing different and unique fashion things on them. Below are some ideas that will stir your creativity to refashion your T-shirt:


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    Turn the T-shirt into a Tank Top along with Pintucks:

    Take a tank top of yours that best fits you and then cut the t-shirt according to the size of the tank. Now sew tiny tucks lengthwise both at the front side and back side of the the shirt. Fold the raw edges around the shoulder and neck area and sew the seams. Your t-shirt has now turned into a beautiful tank.

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    Transform into a Tube Top:

    This is an easier option to refashion your t-shirt and will be ready in no time. Take a tube top that best fits you and put it on the t-shirt that you want to refashion and secure it with pins. Now cut the t-shirt according to the size of the tube top and sew the raw edges into seams. Your t-shirt is beautifully redone into a fashionable tube top!

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    Refashion it into a Tie and Dye pattern:

    If you are expert in the art of making tie and dye garments then this would probably take you a few minutes to refashion your t-shirt with the best patterns of your choice. Some good patterns can be spiral, circles, marble or a heart in the center.

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    Accessorize or Decorate T-shirts:

    There can be millions of ways to decorate your t-shirts.

    One way to refashion them is by writing beautiful messages with the help of stencils and fabric markers.

    Or you can glow it up  and make it a fashion thing that can be seen in the dark! This is the simplest thing that you can do with your t-shirt. This can be done by making use of some puff paints. You can get puff paints from your nearby superstore or arts and crafts shops.

    Also make it a unique work of art by sewing appliqué patches on it with different shapes including heart, circles, rose petals, leaves, or anything else that comes in your mind.

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    Paint the T-shirts:

    Make them unique by painting different things on the T-shirts using fabric paints. Paint any thing unique including a big eye or heart shape in the center with interesting messages on it.

    Kids always have unique ideas so you can also make the kids paint on the T-shirts to make them look distinctive.

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