How to Choose the Right Skirt for your Figure

Welcome to the versatile world of skirts. They are perfect for any occasion. There are different styles and sizes to choose from. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice among so many. Many women are hesitant about wearing skirts because of their figure. You just need to observe yourself closely in the mirror to evaluate your figure and then you will have a fair idea what type of skirt to buy. Some people can confidently pull off pencil skirts while others can’t, many people do not wear bubble skirts because they are conscious of their thighs. Know your body type and look fabulous in a skirt that is just made for your body type.


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    First you need to identify your options. It is helpful in knowing what is available. Some of the standard options are:
    Schoolgirl skirt –short skirt style, sometimes used for sports
    Pencil skirt – very slim and fitted
    Mini skirts
    Flip skirt – flared hemline but fitted waist.
    A-line – various
    Peasant – layered skirt, three quarter length. lengths, A-shape
    Fishtail – mermaid style

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    If you are short, wear tapered skirts and don’t go near stiff A-lines. The appropriate length is till the knee, too long or too short will make look even shorter. Button fronts and wrap skirts will suit such people, provided the cloth is not stiff. Also to make your legs appear longer, go for slits. Vertical stripes or sequins will have the same effect. Do not go near mid calf length.

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    People with curves should chose skirts with a little tapering, A-lines or wraparounds. If you want to show off your waist wear waist bands or skirts with zippers. Soft flowy fabrics will also suit such a figure. Try to avoid stiff fabrics, box styles and horizontal designs.

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    If you are heavy bottomed, loosely draped skirts and wraps will flatter your body. Do not go for waist bands as they will make your bottom more prominent. Dark colors and vertical detailing should be preferred. Do not go for pleats, pockets, flairs or horizontal designs. Also stay away from skirts that are too tight.

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    For some people their chest and shoulders are wider than the rest of the body. Chose skirts which have flares, as they will balance your body and make it appear proportionate. Also an A-line or wrap will flatter this body type. Avoid tight skirts as they will further enhance your shoulders.

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