How to Relieve Skin Irritated by Face Wash

Facial skin can get irritated for a variety of reasons, but most commonly it is a reaction to chemicals used in scrubs, cleansers, face washes and other beauty products. At times some face wash left over after rinsing also causes facial skin irritation. However, using proper rinsing techniques and a few natural products, you can come out of this painful situation quite quickly. Lavender essential oil is one of the proven natural products to treat irritated skin.

Things Required:

– Unscented glycerine soap
– Unscented liquid Castile soap
– Lavender essential oil
– Water
– A clean cotton cloth


  • 1

    Brush your hair back and pin them up tightly using a ponytail. You can use any type of clip that you find convenient to push your hair back away from your face.

  • 2

    Cleanse your face with cold water and glycerine soap. If glycerine soap is not available, use some non-perfumed liquid soap like castile. Be sure to use cold water as it will be more effective while cleansing your face with glycerine soap. You can find this type of soap at y0ur nearest convenient store.

  • 3

    Dab your face with a clean cotton cloth soap soaked in chilled water, focusing on the areas where you have recently applied face wash (over the last 24 to 72 hours). This will reduce the redness and irritation on your face. Be sure to use the cloth all over your face as you concentrate on areas where there might be face wash residue.

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    Soak cotton balls in lavender essential oil and apply on your face, paying special attention to the areas that have already started showing symptoms of irritation. Be sure to not over soak the cotton balls with lavender oil.

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    Chamomile is also very effective in treating skin issues. Take an organic chamomile tea bag and prepare a strong cup of it. Let the tea cool and then dab cotton balls in it and apply on the affected areas. You can also use the tea bag instead of cotton balls. Be sure to apply the chamomile on the various parts where your skin is irritated or where you feel that there might still be some face wash residue on your face.

  • 6

    Always remember to use items that are not strong as this can cause more irritation to your face especially if your skin is sensitive. Try out different ingredients as you can get good information online about different remedies for this issue. Remember to look at user information or different forums which deal with irritated skin due to face wash. You will find a tremendous amount of material that you can use to help you out by making a different natural solution that you can apply to your face.

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    You can also talk to friends or family members that might also have suffered from irritated skin due to face wash. They might be in a good position to help you by letting you know what they used to fix the situation.

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