How to Remove a Leaf from a Multi-Leaf Spring

A Multi-Leaf Spring, an automotive suspension, is a simple tool that has been around in the mechanical industry since before the arrival of the Model-T. For more than a hundred years, it has been used in the loading of the heavy Automotive Vehicles for the reason that it is easy to operate and has high load capability as well. You might have seen leaf spring suspensions in the pickups. Moreover, it is used to lower the trucks and to remove leaf from the pack. It is important to know for every mechanical science’s student or enthusiasts to know the tactic to remove a leaf from a multi-leaf spring as it is one among the very basic and easy tasks that one can perform with basic skills.

Things Required:

– Jack
– Jack stands
– Tire iron
– ½ -inch ratchet and socket set
– 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set
– Open-end wrench set
– 24-inch pry bar
– C-clamp


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    First of all use a large jack to lift the specific vehicle and then set it on the jack stands. However, make sure that the jack stand contains a proper axle and frame and the vehicle is securely placed on its top.

  • 2

    Now remove the rear tires of the vehicle, bringing the tire iron into use. Set the removed tires aside.

  • 3

    Pick the ratchet and socket and use them to unscrew all the bolts around the leaf spring of the Vehicle’s axle.

  • 4

    At this point, lift the vehicle’s axle up with the help of the jack and then carefully lower it down- a bit off of the level of the jack stands.

  • 5

    Use a 3/8-inch ratchet, a socket and an open-end wrench to unbolt the bolt with great care.

  • 6

    Move on and take a part the overload spring right on the lead spring’s pack. It is basically the base (bottom) of leaf and is completely smooth and thicker as compared to other springs in the spring pack.

  • 7

    The task is almost done, but you remove another spring – of you want. For this purpose, you have to use the pry bar to nail up the all the clamps on the edges of the leaf spring. Now pull off the leafs until you get the desired one off. Use a large C-clamp bring the leaf spring pack back to the original shape  and then use the ratchet, wrench and socket to screw the pack together.

  • 8

    Re-install all the clamps with the help of the main C-clamp.

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