How to Remove Parasites from Your Body

Human parasites can get in your body through diet, insect bites, by touching other people and even through the lungs and eyes. You can also sustain an overgrowth of candida albicans (a natural body fungus). Parasites are not good for your health as they take out important nutrients from your body, which in turn make you feel ill and weak.

According to a famous allergy resource website, common parasites that harm humans are mostly different worms and protozoa. The most effective method to get rid of parasites from your body naturally is by maintaining a good diet, juicing with vegetables, probiotics and a colon cleanse. There are several other ways to remove parasites from the body with good effect.


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    Maintain a proper diet

    Do not include sugar and gluten foods in your meals along with cereal, commercial bread and pasta consisting of wheat. Replace brown rice products for these foods if you want. Keep following the above mentioned diet until all signs of the parasites are gone. Moreover, consume lots of brown rice, high protein foods, vegetables and fruits.

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    Keep the sink clean

    Clean the sink with some dish washing liquid, wash it and place the stopper in it. Add 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar in the sink with around 4 to 6 inches of tap water. Put your carrots, cucumbers and radishes in the sink and let it dry for almost an hour. Rub the skin of the vegetables with a brush and clean it off.

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    Drink the vegetable juice

    Buy cucumber, carrots and radishes from the supermarket. Then take half a cucumber, numerous big carrots and a couple of radishes and put them in a blender. Have the mixture of vegetables when you get up in the morning along with your breakfast. Try to drink another raw vegetable mixture at night somewhere after dinner.

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    Probiotic supplement

    Make sure you consume at least one probiotic supplement 30 minutes before every meal. Keep using the probiotics on a daily basis until all the parasites are removed from your body, and there are no more symptoms of them present inside you.

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    Colon cleansing kit drink

    You will need to mix a colon cleansing kit drink with one of your famous beverage or water. On the other hand, you will have to drink one of these mixtures each day for a whole month. This will help remove parasites from your body with good effect.

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