How to Remove System Apps in Android

Applications form a major part of smart phones today and Android devices are no different. The Android operating system is lauded for its customization potential and that is due to the fact that nearly all of its functions and features are regulated by applications, making it modular. You can technically install your own messaging, dialing and browsing apps, changing the default interface how you see fit.

However, all Android devices have custom software installed by their manufacturers, which makes up the stock experience. While manufacturer features and applications are often useful, they also include bloatware, which most users would like to remove, but are unable to due to lack of permissions. Keep reading this article to learn how you can remove system apps from your Android device.


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    First of all, you will need a rooted device. Getting root on Android is like getting administrator privileges on a computer. You get access to system files which are otherwise locked for the user’s own safety. If you end up deleting or modifying the wrong files, your device can end up broken. If you already have a rooted device, you are good to go, but if you don’t, you will have to follow steps specific to your device’s brand and make to get root on it.

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    Once you have root, you will need to install an application which lets you take advantage of the advanced permissions and access. For your purposes, one of the best applications is Titanium Backup Pro. Visit the Play Store on your device and install Titanium Backup Pro.

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    After downloading and installing the app, run it and you will be prompted to grant it root access before you can proceed further. Say yes to it and let the application load your system values. Having loaded everything, the application will show you options on the main screen and you can select the Backup/Restore option.

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    On the next screen you will be able to see a list of applications which are installed on your device and system applications will be highlighted in red color. Look for the application you wish to remove and tap on its name from the list.

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    Once you tap on an application, you will get a prompt which lets you choose between Backup, Freeze and Un-install options, if you simply want to disable an application, you can select the Freeze option, but if you wish to completely remove an app, go with Un-install.

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    You will get a final prompt, seeking confirmation, and you can proceed to remove the system app from your device.

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