How to Renew Drivers Licence in London

Getting your first driving license can be exciting but as time goes on, the enthusiasm fades and the novelty of the driving license wears off. Drivers take their driving privileges for granted and do not pay attention to the fact that there is an expiration date on the license. This date has a 10 year term and signals the expiration of the picture being used on the photo ID. This is meant to keep the photo updated as the individual ages. London drivers should make sure that they renew their license before the expiration date or face legal action if they are caught driving on an expired license. The renewal process is very straight forward and is administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA). Below is a quick guide for renewing a drivers license in London.


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    The DVLA sends a reminder in the mail that lets you know that the photo on your license is about to expire. You can also receive a notification for renewal after disqualification, at age 70 or over and renewal for medical reasons.

    You need to save this reminder in order to complete the remaining process.

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    Application Methods

    The DVLA allows you to submit the application for renewal in two different way. You can either use the online method which is quick and efficient or by regular mail.

    The government prefers that you use the online method because it saves time and is faster than post. Once you have all these documents together go here to start the online application.

    The postal service is the only method available to people who do not have a passport, have not received a renewal notification or have had a name change.

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    Document requirments

    The online and postal method for renewal requires the following documents from you:

    a)     A valid British passport that has been issued in the last five years.

    b)     Residence in the United Kingdom.

    c)      Have the address of places you have lived in the last 3 years.

    d)     You current driving license.

    e)     A credit or debit card.

    You will also need to make sure you are not currently being prevented from driving because of traffic violations or other legal proceedings. You should also make sure that your name has not changed.

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    Submission and fees

    If you are using the online service you can submit the form online. You will be asked to pay the 20 pound fee using a debit or credit card in order for the transaction to complete. Once you hit the submit button, a receipt of the transaction will show up in you web account.

    The submission process is slightly different for the postal method. When you receive the D798 renewal reminder form, it will have a post office listed on it that you can go to submit the form for renewal. If needed, you can find other Post Office locations that offer the photo renewal service by checking online here or calling on +44 845 722 3344.

    The Post office will take your picture, digital picture and send the application electronically to the DVLA. You will be required to have your renewal form that was sent in the mail plus a photocard and a counterpart if you have it in your possession.

    The Post office will ask for a 20 pound fee for the DVLA and a 4.50 pounds for the Post Office service. They will also issue you a receipt which you should keep with you.

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    No D798 form

    If you do not have the renewal form you can also use the post office service but will need to have a Photo ID and the counterpart to it.

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    Processing time

    When you apply online, your application will be processed and the new license will be sent you by mail within 2 weeks.

    If you use the postal service a 3 week processing time will be required.

    If the DVLA needs to check any credentials or documents further, the process can take longer.

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    Tracking and Collection

    You can track the application through your online account if you you used the DVLA site. For Postal applications you can track your application by calling the number provided on the receipt of your application.

    The new drivers license will be mailed to you after the processing is complete. There is no personal pick up service, so make sure the mailing address you provide is functional.

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