How to Repair Wooden Chair Legs

Do you have a broken chair at home? Are you planning to throw it out? If yes, then it will not be a wise decision, as you can repair it easily at home, without applying too much effort. Usually it happens that you are sitting on a chair and a little extra pressure on one leg breaks it. In the meantime, chair leg can also loose grip of the base of the chair where it was attached. In such case, repairing will not take much effort. You can easily repair cracked or completely broken leg of the chair, rather than replacing it with a new one.

Repairing a chair leg does not require special tools. In fact, it requires attention to detail and patience, as the repairing process should be accurate, in order to avoid the breakage again. It is advised that one should tighten the joints of their furniture on regular basis, in a bid to secure them from breakage.


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    Using your fingers, separate the broken part of the leg. Make sure, you do not stretch the split part of the leg too much, as it can break into two pieces. If it happens, the process will become a little bit lengthy.

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    Take wood glue and squeeze it through the broken part of the leg. Now bring together both the parts, and press them gently.

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    Take a wood clamp and apply it around the broken portion of the leg. It will squeeze the break firmly, allowing both the parts to join. You will find some glue coming out of the breakage. Clean it by using a damp cloth.

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    Keep the chair in that position for 24 hours, as it will allow the glue to dry and stick.

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    Now remove the clamp from the affected area. Using a fine-grit sanding pad, sand the affected area, which will make the breakage line invisible. You can also use your hand to check if the repaired area is levelled to the other part of the leg.

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    After you are done with sanding the repaired area, wipe out any sand on it by using a tack cloth.

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    You can use touch-up wood finish to match the repaired parts colour with the overall colour tone of the chair. Brush the touch-up wood finish and allow it to dry for around 4 hours. Once again, brush the second coat, and wait for 48 hours, before you start using the chair once again.

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