How To Replace a Car Headlight

Most car headlights normally last more than a year before going out. However, like any other electric equipment, you never know when your car headlights fail to work. Driving without headlights is not only against the traffic rules in most parts of the world, it is highly perilous for you and other people on the road. Whenever your car headlights go out, replace them immediately to avoid any such situation. Going to an automobile workshop for merely replacing headlight bulb might cost you considerable time and it is better to perform this minor task at home. It won’t take you more than five minutes to do the job yourself. Mind you, it is only the bulb you have to replace, not the entire headlight assembly.


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    First thing first, you need to purchase a replacement bulb for your headlight. You can go to any auto parts store or even place an order online to obtain a bulb which is compatible with your vehicle. Make sure you purchase the correct bulb for your vehicle because if it is not compatible to fit in your headlight, it will be useless and you have to replace it again.

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    Pop out the headlight assembly from the hood of your car and see for any screws or protective cover in place at the rear side of the assembly. Most of the car headlights can easily be opened out without any tools but if you find screws intact, you will need an appropriate screw driver to open up the headlight assembly. Make sure your vehicle engine is turned off while doing this task.

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    Once you have removed any possible screws or protective cover, hold the headlight module at the back of the assembly tightly and twist it in anti-clockwise direction. Pull out the module from the headlight assembly carefully.

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    Pull out the diffused bulb out of the module and carefully replace it with the new one.

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    Put the module back in the assembly and twist it clock-wise to fix it into the right position.

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    Place any protective cover or screws you removed earlier and fix the headlight assembly back to its position. Turn on the vehicle engine to check if the bulb has been connected correctly.

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