How to Get Car Quotes Online

There are various sources from where you can obtain free information on a car you intend to buy or have in your possession. Online sources provide an easy and safe way to get crucial car history, and other factors which you may have ignored earlier. Such information can come in handy for sellers as well as prospective buyers.


  • 1 is a reliable website which informs you about the safety aspects related to a vehicle, by assigning rollover ratings, which are provided by the National Highway Safety Administration. The ratings will take into account results generated from test drive for vehicles. All you will need to do is log on the website and click on "Search 5-Star Safety Ratings". Now you will be able to compare all related facts from various manufacturers and gauge the overall safety features.

    This has become an essential way for companies to sell new cars. By promoting safety, they are certainly getting the attention of the targeted market. The rating system will be based on frontal crashes and side-impact crashes.

    Moreover, on the website, you can further recall information related to a particular car by searching for the Defects & Recalls option. While you may not be finding direct car quotes here, you will certainly be able to compare a host of features from each manufacturer, which will aid you in choosing a new car.

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    In order to find the resale value of your car and other appraisal options, go to websites such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. You will further be able to know the worth of new cars. All you need to do is enter information about the make, model and year of the car (and location). Moreover, you can obtain details about add-on features if there are any regarding the vehicle you wish to purchase.

    There is also a ratings option available on the website. In order to get your facts straight about a particular vehicle, read the professional ratings.

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    If you are curious about environmental concerns, then log on to It is another government regulated website which provides crucial fuel related facts about a vehicle. All you need to do is click on Compare Side-by-Side menu, and then enter the relevant details of your vehicle.

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