How to Replace Text in Adobe Photoshop

Editing text in Adobe Photoshop is not as hard as some of you may think. By following the correct method and being patient, you can easily make changes to the text colour and size to suit your needs. Although there are a number of ways to edit text on a picture, using Adobe Photoshop to perform this task is the most convenient and commonly used. Making changes to text is sometimes unavoidable. There are images that can be perfect without text and you could be looking to remove the text completely or replace it with a different font style.


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    A lot of people spend their hard earned cash for changing text on an image. However, if you are smart you will learn some basic rules to get this job done yourself using Adobe Photoshop. Consider turning on your computer and enter your control panel username and password. Wait for Windows to load and then click the start up menu to open the program. For those who do not have Adobe Photoshop installed on their computer, they should navigate to the Adobe Website and download the product from there.

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    Find the product and services page on the website and then download the Adobe Photoshop program onto your computer. Be patient as the installation requires several minutes. When the product is downloaded, find the Photoshop icon in the start up menu and run the programs. A new window will appear with the tool bar. Find the File menu and then click Open to open the file you want to open from your computer. Another window will open up for show to choose the file from your computer folders.

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    Next find the Clone Stamp tool from the tool palette. Hold it down using the mouse and click right next to the text you want replace or remove. The Clone stamp is an extremely smart tool that is design to paint over the text to be removed using the pixels selected. Find the Type tool from the tool palette menu. Consider clicking the font style to make changes to the font, size and colour. Enter the new text if you need to.

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    From the main menu, find the Save As option. Click on Save As to choose the new and modified version of the existing file.

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