How To Report An Abandoned Vehicle In London

Abandoned vehicles have created economical as well as environmental issue since the 1960s and this problem is even getting worst during the recent years. Owners of the vehicles abandon them for certain reasons including the decrease in value of a used car, the removal cost, increased cost of MOT or high costs associated with the maintenance of the vehicle and there are some other factors too. So being a responsible citizen mean that we also have to take care of the environmental issues raised due to the abandoned vehicles so it is our responsibility to report any abandoned vehicle to the local authorities so that they can remove them to keep the planet green. In order to report an abandoned vehicle in London you will need to have some sort of information in order to report the vehicle. Following step by step guide will help you to report an abandoned vehicle in London in a simple and proper way.


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    Identifying an Abandoned Vehicle

    A vehicle can be considered as abandoned if some of the following conditions are true:

    - Flat or removed tyres
    - Too much litter and leaves present under the vehicle
    - Windscreen or any other window has been broken
    - The number plats are not there on the vehicle
    - Vehicle contain waste items including newspapers, old tyres or other rubbish
    - Presence of graffiti on the vehicle
    - Hanging wires from the dashboard providing clear evidence of hot-wired vehicle

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    Seeking Information from Your Neighbours

    Before actually contacting the local authorities, check your neighbours if they have any idea about that specific vehicle.

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    Finding the Appropriate Local Council

    All of the abandoned vehicles should be reported to the local authority or borough council. In order to find the local authority contact details, you need to have some information ready in front of you including your contact details, address and information about the vehicle you are reporting. You can find your local council by visiting this link. Now enter your post code to search the local authority.

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    Reporting the Abandoned Vehicle to Local Council

    Once you will hit search the result will show a link for reporting the abandoned vehicle link of your local council. Visit the link and fill the form and submit. That is it, you are all done with it and now it is the responsibility of the local council to remove the vehicle.

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