How to Root Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is one of the most desired gadgets in the tech world these days. However, the software of the phone is pretty ordinary and people prefer rooting this device for better use.

Galaxy Note has announced several updates in recent months and no wonder why it has such a large user base. Despite its amazing hardware, its software is not what people expected it to be. But one can root this device following these simple and easy steps.


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    Before you start the procedure, make sure that your device is well charged. Minimum requirement is 85 percent but it is better to charge the battery fully before starting the rooting process because this process takes a lot of time and a lot of power as well.

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    Make sure that you take the backup of all your personal data from the phone. Backup your contacts, SMS and other important data in order to avoid any mishaps. You need to have a working internet connection with fast speed. Because you will download several files during the process so you cannot continue without the internet. And make sure that your Galaxy Note is factory unlocked or else you can’t root it by this method. In addition to all that make sure that mobile’s USB Debugging Mode is enabled, and if not, follow this method to enable it. Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging.

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    Now, start your web browser and Download DDLRB Android 4.0.4 o ICS Official Firmware. In addition to that, also download Odin v1.85.

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    Put your Galaxy Note in the Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons. You will receive a confirmation message by the appearance of Samsung Logo when device enters into Download Mode.

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    Run Odin on your system and connect the device. Use a USB cable for that. After the successful connection, you will notice that one of the ID:COM has turned yellow. If you do not see the yellow light, reconnect your device and repeat this step.

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    After that, select the files you want to flash and make sure that Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are checked in Odin.

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    Click on the start button in Odin. It will start the installation process. Wait for few minutes and let the device reboot automatically. After the rebooting, your device will be rooted and if not, repeat the process one more time. Enjoy your brand new Galaxy Note.

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