Lamborghini Reveals Its Exclusive Phone Tl700 And Tablet L2800

Can’t get your hand on a Lamborghini? You may be closer than you think. The luxury Italian car makers have paired up with android to create the most exquisite smartphone TL700 and a L2800 tablet.

The phones were launched in Russia in August 2011 and they are expected to reach Chelsea soon, ending the wait that many people have for these jewels.

These two phones are swift and stylish – yes we are talking about the processor.
The expensive phone has a 3.7 inch, 800 X 480 sapphire crystal display gold plated casing with a scratch resistant screen. The Crocodile skin back plate with eighteen karate gold Lamborghini logo will take your breath away. The phone runs 2.3 Android.

The L2800 Tablet features a 9.7 inch scratch resistant screen, dual rear speakers, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a 5 mega pixel camera, catering to all sorts of demands when it comes to the technological improvements.

Though these two devices are far cheaper than a Lamborghini car, but they still carry a Lamborghini level price tag; about $ 2800 hundred for the phone and $ 2300 for the tablet.
After making its name as a luxurious car seller, the company also lent its name in selling the Asus laptops.

It is expected that their market will expand over the Russian market.

Lamborghini is not the only manufacturer of cars which is looking forward to hit the road with gadgets. Porsche is also ready to introduce some exquisite phones and Porsche Design P’9981 sold at £1,275 is one of them.

The watch brand Tag Heuer broke all the records after selling Tag Heuer’s Racer for £2, 300.

But there is one phone whose price tag has dwarfed others with a nice margin, the solid gold bargain, AEsir AE + Y has a price tag of £36,000.

Well gadget freaks are not so impressed by the features and few also disagree on buying such an expensive gadget.

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