How to Use an Android Tablet as a Mouse

Given how far smartphones have come since their early days, it is no surprise that they are being used to provide added functionality for devices we use in our daily lives. Now, with so many different apps available, it is possible to link your Android tablet or device to your television, appliances, gaming consoles and personal computers. In case your desktop’s mouse or keyboard stops working at a crucial time or if you simply want to use your laptop conveniently from a distance, you can make your Android device work like a remote control, allowing you to control the mouse cursor on your computer or add text. Keep reading this article to find out how.


  • 1

    Make sure you are connected to the internet and can access the Play Store on your Android tablet. Run the Play Store from your app drawer or main screen to continue.

  • 2

    Use the Play Store’s search functionality to look for an app called Remote Mouse, which is free for download. The app simulates a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer, allowing you to perform actions like clicking, scrolling and dragging. Tap the install button to get it on your device.

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    Now you need to visit the application’s website,, to download the PC companion application.

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    Once the application is downloaded on your computer, install it and run it. If your firewall prompts for permissions, allow the remote mouse application to access the network.

  • 5

    Now turn on the Wi-Fi on your tablet and make sure it is connected to the same router as your PC. This is important for the app to discover your computer on the network and connect to it.

  • 6

    After connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, run the remote mouse app on your Android tablet or phone.

  • 7

    You can now tap the ‘auto connect’ button, after which the app will discover your PC automatically. If that does not work, you might have to manually enter the IP address of your computer.

  • 8

    Once the app is connected, your device’s screen will work like a touch pad. You can tap it once to simulate a click, tap it with two fingers to simulate a right-click and slide two fingers to simulate mouse wheel scroll.

  • 9

    If you rotate your device, you can switch between landscape and portrait mode of the app.

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