Top 10 Entertainment Apps for Ipad

There are zillions of apps out there to make your iPad more entertaining. It takes a lot of time to sort them out and choose the best among them. Now you do not have to worry about being bored because your own ipad is enough to provide you company and kill time. The applications are wither free of paid. You can choose the type you want according to interest and age. The article lists down the most entertaining ones.


  • 1

    ABC Player

    It is a free application and converts the iPad into TV. You can watch episodes of your favorite seasons in your hand. The video definition is sharp and there are very few commercial interruptions.

  • 2

    Marvel comics

    It has been a favorite pass time for many of us. It is a digital comic magazine. You have the chance to browse through numerous comics and select your favorite. The data base is huge and the list has all the favorite avengers.

  • 3

    Barnes And Noble Nook For iPad

    This free application gives you a vast library of eBooks. You also have the chance to share the titles with other friends. The feature has a lot of book titles to choose from.

  • 4

    Garage Band

    Bring out the musician in you. the app gives you a chance to play a guitar or a keyboard, it doesn’t matter if you do not know how to pull the strings in real. There are multiple chords and scales to play.

  • 5

    Idea Sketch

    If you want to create a mind map or a flow chart, this is a very simple app to do it. it is a very useful app and lets you develop ideas and briefs on different topics.

  • 6

    Ocean Blue

    If you want to relax and become well informed about the marine life, then download this app. It acts like a screen saver with fish swimming around. There are 3D graphics and the app is also a favorite among children.

  • 7

    Pandora Radio

    The internet radio has a desktop version in Ipad. There are sliding album panels and better interface. Information on artists is also available with each track.

  • 8


    Become a DJ and mix your own music. You can now easily have amusic party at your house and save money on the DJ.

  • 9

    Sketch Book Pro

    Bring out the artist in you. there are complete tools for painting and sketching. The experience is amazing and the user interface is specially designed for Ipad.

  • 10

    Atlas of the World

    If you like to travel the world then this app will come in handy. It gives you data of any country around the world.

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