How to Set Up And Start Using the Ipad

Ipad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Corporation. A tablet is a gadget which lies midway in between the laptop computers and the cell phones. It has the features of a computer but the shape and design of a smart phone.

An Ipad can record videos, take photos, play music, and perform all online functions such as browsing and downloading. It has a 9 by 7 inch touch screen which is lit by an LED backlight. Older models had about 16 GBs of memory, but the newer models have up to 64GBs. Its functionality is quite similar to an iPhone and it can be set up in about 15 minutes, barring the charging time required.


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    Download the latest version of iTunes on the computer which you wish to use for setting up your Ipad. If you do not have an Apple account already, sign up for it and login to the iTunes through it. An iTunes account is necessary for the purchase of applications for the Ipad.

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    Open the seal of the Ipad and leave it to charge for approximately 10 hours. Charging the battery for an extended period for the first time increases the life of the battery. After the battery has been charged, take out the charging cable and turn on the Ipad.

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    Connect one end of the USB cable - which comes with the Ipad - in the USB port of the computer and the other in the Ipad. I-Tunes will automatically detect your Ipad and prompt you for starting the synchronization. Click on the automatic sync option to load your iTunes library, contacts and bookmarks.

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    Now proceed forward and select time zone and wall papers. Browse through the entire tablet and choose settings according to your liking. This will also make you a bit familiar with your Ipad. You may browse and change any settings later on but first set up things such as email account, screen brightness and the notification pop up settings.

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    Go to the Appstore and purchase applications which you find useful. A number of these applications are completely free of cost and you can start off with them. Most of the priced applications also offer a trial period of a few days before asking you to purchase the complete version. Depending upon your requirement you can choose the applications.

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