How to Self-Rescue on a Windsurfer

A beginner windsurfer should not start his activity until he has learned the self-rescuing technique. No doubt, that everyone masters this art with the help of experience but proper measures should be taken before going on windsurfing otherwise you will be putting your life in complete danger. If you are away from the shore and you have experienced lack of wind or too much of wind to handle, then the self-rescuing class will be only thing that would help you. Thus, it is necessary that you must learn these techniques well.


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    Do not panic

    It is of utmost importance that you should never panic at such situations but be confident and stay focused. Remember that panic will not help, thus you must remain calm and try to handle the situation confidently. For this, you will need to evaluate the situation carefully and you would have to remain calm. Just remember that you are wearing a life jacket and you know swimming well, thus the chances that you will drown are close to zero. Apart from that, do not forget to analyse the condition of your rig. If it has suffered a serious damage or it has malfunctioned then you might have to leave it here and start swimming for the beach.

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    Locate the area

    It is of considerably important that you must take a look everywhere. If your rig has been seriously damaged, then you cannot just jump away from it and starts swimming to the direction you want. Therefore, it is of considerable important that you must take a closer look and analyse which way the shore is near and the area is safe. You do not want to get yourself into the area full of rocks and heavy surf. Look for a quitter, calmer and safe place and then move towards it. After you have located the area, you must jump from the rig and start swimming.

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    Do not exhaust yourself

    After you have started swimming, you must not exhaust yourself and move towards your target destination with the normal pace. Remember that if you try to swim too fast, it is highly likely that you will be extremely exhausted and things might end badly. Therefore, you should not try to fatigue yourself and keep swimming at a normal pace. You should consume your energy wisely and for this, you should consider floating with the help of your vessel.

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