How to Sell your Photographs Online

With the global proliferation of internet, online media and e-commerce have seen a huge boost. If you are a freelance photographer, now you don’t have to carry your portfolio around and visit publishing houses, seeking an opportunity to showcase your work. Digital photography and the power of the internet allow you to set up an online presence, not only to display your work, but to interact with potential clients, reach new markets and most importantly, sell your photographs conveniently and instantly in a secure and efficient manner. In this article you will learn about some of the easiest online services you can use to create your own brand and sell your digital photographs.


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    This is one of the most simple and user-friendly online digital goods selling platforms available online. The service is entirely free to use, and there are no hidden fees you need to pay to sign up. You can use whether you are selling your photos online for the first time or whether you already have your own web presence and a portfolio.

    In the first instance, the website will let you set up your own page (called billboard) for free, where you can display samples of your work in low-resolution and then attach a zip with high-resolution files, which buyers can download after they pay your stipulated amount.

    In case you already have an online presence, can serve as an efficient payment gateway, saving you from the hassle of having to redesign your website/blog and hiring professional developers. The payments are completely secure and instant, and you can easily withdraw your earnings whenever you want. The service also lets you keep a track of your sales and your clients have the ability to directly contact you and give you feedback on their purchases.

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    This is also a very popular website for photographers wanting to sell their content. However, here you will have to submit your photos and only after they are approved and accepted, you will receive payment. The vetting process is quite strict and this service is mostly used by professional photographers.

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    Another popular microstock website, Fotolia is quite complicated for photographers looking to earn money. The payments you receive will depend on your ranking and how exclusive your submitted images are. Moreover, if your image is sold to someone using a subscription plan, you will only receive credits, which can later be cashed out for money once a designated amount is reached.

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