Send Letters to Soldiers in Afghanistan

War is never easy, not for the soldiers on the front or their folks back home. While not much can be done about it, you can write a few words of comfort if a friend or family member of yours is out fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Not only will these letters keep those soldiers going through tough times, they are essentially all they will have for the duration of their deployment. Moreover, you can also send movies and music CDs along with your letters to keep them entertained.

Even if you don’t have a friend or family member serving in the army, you can still send letters to other soldiers in order to appreciate their service for the country and boost their morale.


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    PS Postal Service Guidelines

    According to the guidelines of the US Postal Service, if you are writing a letter to a soldier, you must address it properly.

    The title and the full name of the soldier should be in the first line, with the unit number or other identifying information in the second. The APO or FPO details, including a nine-digit zip code should be given in the third line.

    If you don’t have these exact details you should contact the soldier’s immediate family and confirm the details before sending in the letter.

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    Letters to Soldiers website

    The Letters to Soldiers website allows you to write notes to the soldiers over the internet. The site has been sending out letters, messages and even care packages to soldiers and runs completely on voluntary funding from donors.

    You can easily donate money and send care packages to as many soldiers as you want, and you won’t need to worry about writing on paper, stamps and posting.

    Visit the site here.

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    Soldiers’ Angels

    You can also send letters to soldiers in Afghanistan through a website called Soldiers’ Angels. You can register with that website, which will give you all the necessary details about a soldier like name and postal address. Keep in mind that the soldiers who will receive letters through this website have registered themselves so you can be assured that they will appreciate your communication.

    Visit site here.

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    Forces Pen Pals

    Forces Pen Pals is another website, based in the UK, allowing you to socially connect with soldiers and armed forces personnel stationed in war zones like Afghanistan. You can either send messages to someone you know or find a pen pal from the military to write to.

    Visit site here.

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