How to Send Text Messages With Verizon

Sending text messages to your contacts is the most common way to get in touch with people. It not only gives privacy and convenience to an individual but is also very cost effective. There are plenty of ways in which an individual can send text messages with a Verizon account. It is entirely up to you which way you want to choose. If you want to send texts with Verizon, you must have a text-capable cell phone. Note that if your cell phone is not text capable, you will face troubles.


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    In order to send text with Verizon, you must turn on your computer and open your web browser. Remember that, without opening a web browser you will not be able to get in touch with your contacts, so you must choose a user friendly browser.

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    After opening your search engine, you must type the address of Verizon in the URL box. If you are unaware or unsure about their website link, you should use your search engine and type your query to obtain the address of website. After you obtain the address, click on it to open the website.

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    When on the website, you will see options for online text messaging tools, click on these options to view all the tools. Now you will be displayed all the tools for getting in touch with your contacts, you must choose text messages option.

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    Now, you will be provided with a text messaging format that may look alike to sending an email. In the “Sent To” box, you must type the 10 digit number and do not forget to mention the area code. You must confirm contact number of the person in the relevant field. Note that, Verizon provides you the facility of sending the same text to a group of people at the same time. Nevertheless, the amount of recipients is limited to 10, so you cannot send the same text to more than ten people.

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    Now you should type the message you want to send in the compose box. Make sure that you have written all you want to convey and you must read your text before sending. If you want to send characters more than allowed in a single text, you must split your message into two parts.

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    Now click on ‘Send’ to send the text to the desired person.

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