How to Set Up a Snake Cage

If you have a pet snake, you will want to build a habitat that is like the natural setting that your pet is used to. It does not have to be fancy, but should include all the necessary items to make your pet snake feel comfortable. The right snake cage is important for maintaining the health of your pet and keeping it safely contained. If you have adopted, or want to adopt a pet snake, follow the instructions below to set up a proper snake cage for it.

Things Required:

– Plastic Tub, Aquarium or Cage
– Heating Pad
– Thermometer
– Water Bowl
– Cover
– Hygrometer
– Substrate
– Landscaping items (hollow logs, pots etc.)


  • 1

    Determine size and growth rate

    You will first want to determine how big your snake can grow, so that you can put together an appropriately sized cage for it. Remember, for every one foot of the snake, you will need ¾ square foot space. Keep this equation in mind before selecting a tank.

  • 2

    Type of container

    You can use a plastic tub, cage or aquarium for your pet snake. It should be big enough so that the snake is comfortable and should be filled with various items to make it seem like a natural setting.

  • 3

    Attach hygrometer and thermometer

    The temperature and humidity of the snake cage is very important for the health of the animal. You need to attach a thermometer and a hygrometer so that you can monitor these readings easily.

  • 4

    Use a heating pad

    You can put a heating pad under the snake cage to increase the temperature when needed. A heating pad is ideal for gradual increase or decrease of temperature, providing your pet with a comfortable environment.

  • 5

    Add substrate

    Depending on the type of snake that you have, you will want to add the appropriate substrate to the enclosure. Make sure that any item that you use is non-toxic and safe for your snake.

  • 6

    Add water bowl

    Get a nice decent sized water bowl to add to the snake cage. This will not only provide humidity but also drinking water for your snake.

  • 7

    Add landscaping

    Get old pots and a hollow log, or any other items that you can place inside the snake cage to make it look and feel more natural.

  • 8

    Turn everything on

    Make sure to turn on the heating pad and keep the temperature moderately warm. Fill the water bowl and close the lid. Let the snake cage sit like this for a couple of hours before introducing your pet snake to it.

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