How to Set up an Android Development Environment

Without proper infrastructure in place, making Android applications is like doing the construction of the building without cement, clay and other important ingredients. Therefore, the first step before joining the open source software development community is to install all the necessary tools, which are required to make applications comfortably.

If even the single activity is missed, the whole process will suffer, resulting in the breakdown of the project that you are carrying out. Another important thing to remember is that one must keep track of the latest developments taking place for the help of unofficial developers.

Recently, the idea that updates with regard to the operating system can be sent to the users even before the manufacturer releases them officially has spread like a wild fire. People sit at their homes, receive the android source code and start developing innovative applications.

While there are a couple of steps to be followed to create a conducive environment for the Android development, there are other ways, too that can increase the chances of success significantly. For example, stay in touch with the seasoned developers, as it will result in the enhancement of your knowledge, along with keeping you abreast with updates. For this, online communities can be joined through an active presence over social media.

Android SDK Tools, Revision 4 should be downloaded, especially if you are an established android developer.  However, for those trying to join this world and achieve success in the future, SDK starter package can go a long way for giving an introductory information, which will be used extensively in the latter work of development.

After installing java, put in place Eclipse IDE in the windows. While bringing Eclipse IDE on the computer through internet, you just have to unzip the file sitting over the web, as opposed to doing the downloading.


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    Have Android Software Development Kit (SDK) in program directory

    Go on the developer android website and then download the file, from which unzip the toolkit software development. There will be a number of packages mentioned. From these, you can pick out the one you are interested in.

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    Unload Eclipse IDE file from website

    After having this file in the directory, one can configure Android Software development toolkit. No installation is needed for Eclipse IDE, as only the file from the web is unloaded.

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    Develop Android Virtual Device (AVD) on Android SDK

    This process will be completed after typing the name, choosing the desired version from the Target drop down box and then hitting the create AVD button.

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