How to Set up Freeweights

One of the most important tasks in training with free-weights is setting of the weights. Make sure you choose a right place for them, a place which is not in access by others, especially children. Then have some equipment installed at that place that could hold the weight above the ground level. Leaving weights on the ground is not safe, they can catch rust quickly. It can also damage the floor.


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    Place Selection

    First thing that you need to set your free weights is selection of a proper place. Make sure that place is not in access of anyone else, and especially children. For example, you can choose your garage for setting weights and have a rack or steel frame installed to hold the weight above the ground.

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    Frame Installation

    Have a steel or wood frame installed at the place that you have selected for setting the weights. The frame will hold the weights above the ground level. Do not leave the weights on the ground because anyone can access them easily and might get hurt in the effort to lift them.

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    Floor Protection

    Bring a rubber mat or anything thicker that will protect your floor underneath the weights. As you might drop the weights casually sometimes and it can damage the floor quickly.

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    Balance Weights

    Do not just throw the weights on the rack or frame, keep them properly on both sides of the frame. Balancing the weight on both sides of the rack will help the rack hold the weight as otherwise it might get tilted to one side. Leaving too much weight at one side of the rack can also make the weights fall when you take them out.

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    Weights Use and Cleaning

    Make sure you keep the weight back in the rack after working out. Leaving weights uncleaned can catch dust quickly and it will make holding of weights difficult for you so make sure you take proper care of the weights and clean them regularly.

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