How to Shave Your Legs without Shaving Cream

There are times when you need to shave your legs, but you run out of shaving cream. Some people think that it might be really painful to shave their legs without shaving cream, but this is a serious misconception. There are other ways through which you might not feel any pain and don’t get razor burn, but you definitely need to be more careful once the shaving cream is taken out of the equation.

Things required:

– Razor
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Water
– Tissue/Cotton


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    Since there is absolutely no lubrication involved when you don’t have shaving cream, you definitely need to make artificial lubrication in order to shave your legs. Before picking up the razor, just hold some tissue paper or cotton, soak it in water and start rubbing it on your legs. Keep rubbing cotton on your legs until all the hair you want to shave is moist. This is necessary because if you are trying to cut hair with a razor and they’re not moist enough, you will definitely get razor burn.

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    Get hold of some conditioner, which you should have lying around the house. Start applying it all over your legs. This is necessary because you need to coat your legs in conditioner before you apply any other lubricant such as a shampoo or soap. Therefore, keep rubbing the conditioner just like you applied water to your legs, and make sure there is no spot left.

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    Once your skin has been coated with conditioner, it’s time for you to either apply shampoo, or any soap / body wash that you can lather just like shaving cream. Keep applying the shampoo on your legs and make sure you do not miss a spot.

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    Once you have applied the lubricants on your legs, it’s time for you to grab the razor. This will almost be similar to how you shave with shaving cream, but since the amount of lather is less than what shaving cream produces, you just have to be extra careful to avoid razor burn. Therefore, keep your concentration level high and shave slowly and steadily until you have removed all the hair from your legs.

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    Once you have completed shaving your legs, wash them and apply lotion. This is necessary because the shampoo and conditioner which you have applied without a lot of water needs to be properly washed off to avoid dryness.

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