How to Size up an Opponent in Boxing

The success of a boxer lies in his ability to size up his opponent. If you cannot estimate the traits of your opponents, there is a strong possibility that you will face difficulties in claiming the victory. In order to overpower your opponent in the bout, it is necessary that you must find the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and keep a close eye on your objector. Without keeping a close eye on your opponent, you will not be able to take benefit of his deficiencies.


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    Know about his general traits

    You should know the general traits of your opponent. You will not face any difficulty in knowing about these as these can be easily found on the website of the boxing federation. It is important that you know about his height, weight, build and performances in the past matches. You should compare your height with your opponent’s and if you are considerably smaller than him, then know that you will have to do some extra effort to reach his face. Obviously, your opponent has to fall in your weight category to compete with you but if he is bulkier than you, you might find it hard to knock him out. Your opponent’s performance in past will give you a clear picture of his performance against you.

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    Watch videos of his recent matches

    In order to have a clear picture regarding how your opponent fights, you must watch videos of his recent matches. You should also arrange to watch videos of his exclusive matches and know his fighting strategy. Some boxers like to tease others and then enjoy the advantage. For this, you must watch the videos of his recent accomplishments and setbacks. The videos of winning matches will tell you more about his strengths while the setback footages will explain you his weaknesses.

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    Discuss with your coach

    After you have arranged all the stuff, it is important that you show these to your coach and discuss with him in great detail. Your coach will be able to do a better analysis of your opponent and if he is stronger than you, then your coach will train you accordingly. Undoubtedly, your mentor will play the strongest role in helping you overcome your deficiencies and take advantage of the shortcomings of your challenger. For this, you must listen to your coach and train harder.

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