How to Skateboard On Skate Park Ramps

While Tony Hawk might make it look easy to skateboard on massive, astonishingly steep ramps, the feat is far from uncomplicated, and requires countless hours of practice before you can pull it off successfully. Practicing at a skate park is an ideal way to get started, but you will need to put in a fair amount of effort before you can even begin to master the art of conquering the ramps with your skateboard.

Things Required:

– Skateboard
– Helmet
– Knee pads
– Elbow pads


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    If you are a beginner, always start with the smaller ramps, before you move on to the bigger, steeper ones. Once you have become good at skateboarding on the smaller ones, you can attempt the bigger ones – trying out the steeper ones first thing is dangerous and inadvisable.

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    Before you start skateboarding, make sure you put on all your protective gear – don your helmet and the knee and elbow pads. Safety always comes first, so never get onto your board without the appropriate protective gear.

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    Begin accustoming yourself to the small ramp. Skate up to it, go halfway up, and then make a 180-degree turn before coming back down (practicing these turns is also essential). By doing this a couple of times, you will be able to gauge the steepness of the ramp, and attain some confidence.

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    After you have practiced doing this, take your board and climb up to the top of the ramp until you are standing at the very edge. Maintain your standing position, drop your board down, step up on it, and skateboard down the ramp. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, and don’t be afraid of falling. Simply allow your body to adjust and focus on staying on your skateboard as you ride down the ramp.

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    When you have managed to grow accustomed to riding down the ramp too, it is time to attempt riding up and down the ramp in one motion. Skate towards the ramp from a distance, in order to build up some speed and momentum. Ride straight on to the ramp, go up as far as you can, then do a 180-degree turn and ride back down. Continue practicing this until you can ride right up to the top of the ramp, make a turn, and come back down successfully without falling off.

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    Now that you have managed to master the smallest ramp in the park, it is time to move on to the bigger ones. Use the same techniques for practicing until you can successfully skateboard on the bigger ramps in the park. Once you have managed this, you can try out tricks, and develop your own signature style.

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