How to Start a Gardening Club

If you love plants and work in dirt, you can start a gardening club, by sharing your passion with people within your community with the same interest. You can start off with two or three people interested in gardening, and then expand it to more members as you develop your passion at an expanded scale. Meeting regularly, sharing information, working together and taking care of plants and see them bloom is a great fun.


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    Joining a Club

    It is possible that you are not aware of a club already in operation in your neighbourhood. So you can join the club to share your passion and get your ambition fulfilled, instead starting up a new club. Search on the internet about the information of gardening club, it is possible that a club is registered nearby your property.

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    Identification of Meeting Place

    Once you have decided to set up a new club and have found at least a couple of people with the same interest, identify a place where your club will hold meetings. At first meeting you can set the agenda and basic functioning rules of the club.

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    Discuss Supplies

    At first meeting, discuss supplies for gardening and set other agenda of the club. You can decide about the basic charter of the club, meeting schedules and sharing of responsibilities to all members. It is essential that all members of the club should agree on all matters presented for discussion.

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    Decide Goals

    You should set goals of your club during initial couple of meetings, and decide about sourcing of your supplies. If you are not an expert in gardening, you can discuss the matter with all members, and ask them to contribute how all supplies can be sourced.

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    Visit Other Clubs

    You can organize tours of other gardens clubs in your area to seek an advice about sourcing of supplies and other issues that you may not be aware of. You can also observe how the work has been done in organizing plants and setting up any shelter etc.

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    Establish Networking

    In addition to visiting other clubs, you can establish networking with other gardening clubs. This will benefit in development of your club as you can share some crucial information with members of other clubs and be part of different activities such as plantation campaigns etc.

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