How to Care for an Orchid Indoors

Orchids are one among the largest plant families in the world with a variety of around 30, 000 multicolor species. These eye-catching tropical gems are an awesome option to brighten up an indoor environment of your house. They produce masses of colorful and striking flowers. Orchids are great option for indoor options for the flower and gardening enthusiasts as they are considered as low-maintenance flowers and they have become increasingly affordable and well-liked. You can make your orchids boom for years as long as you give them the proper care and attention that they need. Taking care of the indoor orchids is a simple process that can smoothly carry out even with very basic gardening skills.


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    Choose an area in your house that receives indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect your orchid plants. You can select an area around the windows or main doors of your house. The hint of the amount of sunlight your orchid receiving lies in the leaves of your plant. For example, if the leaves of the indoor orchid plants are yellowish or greenish in color and are showing growth in upward direction, it simply means your plant is receiving right amount of light. On the other hand, if the leaves are dark green in color, it is an ultimatum to change the location as your plant is receiving light more than its requirement.

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    Place the pots of your orchid plants in a gardening or plant tray and fill the area around it with pebbles or stones. Pour some water into the tray in order to add some humidity to the air around your orchid plant. However, make sure to keep the waters level beneath the base of the pot to avoid water logging the orchid’s roots.

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    Proper temperature is also a key to healthy and blooming orchid plant. The suitable daytime temperature is 60 to 70 °F while approximately 15 °F is good to go during night.

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    Circulate Air

    Circulate the air in the orchid’s growing room in order provide it with environment to nourish. You can use roof fan for this purpose. Keep it switch on for few hours during daytime so it circulates the internal air of your house.

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    Proper watering is another major requirement for proper growth and nourishment of your orchid plant. Water them 1 to 2 times per week during the growing season and just once after two weeks during the winter season. Avoid under or overwatering and use a watering can for watering purpose.

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    Consult your nearest plant nursery and get information about the best and suitable fertilizer formulated for orchids. However, make sure to dilute the prescribed amount of fertilizer to half-strength. Fertilizing on weekly basis is good during summer season and decrease it to once a month during winter season.

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    Any unfortunate pest or insect attack can destroy your colorful orchid plants within no time. Therefore, always inspect your orchid plant from all angles to make sure that they are free from insects’ attack. In case of any pest attack, mix together equally amount of soup and water until smooth and soapy. Use water can to sprinkle the soap mixture your orchid plant 2 to 3 times per day until your do way with them.

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