How to Start a Hashtag Trend on Twitter

Getting a Twitter trend into action can be fun. It is often done when you feel strongly about an issue and want it to be highlighted. A trend that becomes a hit can go, in the internet age terms, “viral” within no time.

However, getting your hashtag trend going is not easy and takes a bit of an effort and planning along with the right execution. If you do it right from the word go, there is no reason why you cannot generate interest and get something going. This will call for a tough effort but will be pleasing nonetheless.


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    The Right Topic

    Pick the topic that is currently in and people are interested in. Do not go for dull topics that have made the news and have been unable to stay. Once you pick your article, Tweet about it and name it with a hashtag behind it.

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    Start Tweeting

    When you are trying to get a trend going, Tweet a lot about it using the hashtag. This is not something that you will do if you are following a trend rather than setting it. However, in order to set a trend, you must have a good number of Tweets. If you have a good following already, that can also help if the people following you can connect with the topic. Make sure that whatever you write is what you believe in and do not put up fake words that you do not mean.

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    Find Related Posters

    There are segments of posters and you may want to address certain groups of Twitterati in your Tweets that are likely going to have interest in your topic and will likely have a favourable view of it. If you can get a celebrity to Tweet on the trend or someone who is a Twitter celebrity and has a few thousand followers, you are likely going to have a good trend flowing with more people jumping in.

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    Once there is a flow taking place on the trend, make sure that you keep on updating. If it is news, you can give the latest developments or different perspectives of the news, perhaps a bit of history as well. If it is something else, again you can put forward various angles of it. By updating, you will keep the interest of the posters going and they too will start looking for some facts of their own in the matter.

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