How to Start a Ladies Clothing Store

Open a women’s clothing store and succeed is more complicated because fashion brands are constantly changing and it all affects sales in retail clothing stores.  However, the number of sales in the store women’s clothing depends on many factors especially with respect to the changing seasons.

Clothing store is a profitable business but it is important to pay attention to the choice of location and long term strategy involving advertising and marketing campaign. Precise positioning, working hours, permanent clientele and excellent range under certain conditions, may bring good income if you own even a small shop.


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    First of all, obtain the required license. Business can be registered as an individual entrepreneur. Analyse the existing shops in the city. Then select the target audience for your store and clothing style, which will be available on the shelves.

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    Then you need to choose a place for opening the store. It should be at the middle of the city if possible. Another good option location is renting out a shop in a shopping centre, which will provide a flow of customers as well as save money on advertising.

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    Next, you need to do the designing while taking into account the selected format clothes. There are many different designs, from the youth of the informal style of the underground to the expensive and elegant glamorous clothing.

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    Purchase of certain equipment such as racks, hangers, mannequins, mirror and a cash register is necessary.

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    Today, there are many wholesale suppliers of clothing, representing a particular brand. At first glance, the choice of the market in the field of fashion is wide enough, but to get something different from that presented in the competition is not easy. So it is advisable to visit exhibitions and to search using an Internet. Alternatively, you can open a store as a stylish clothing franchise, using the already well-known trademark in the market and giving part of the profits to its owners.

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    One should pay attention to the selection of staff. In a small shop for a start you need two cashier substitutes, sales consultants in the sales area and a security guard.

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