How to Start a Merchant Account

Generally, there are three options offered for business customers in the world: credit cards, check and cash. Any company can take cash or checks, but if you own a company and you’re seeking to allow more purchasing flexibility, you should set up a free consideration. A credit cards vendor account is an account offered by a bank or financial solutions company to businesses that allows a company to utilize credit cards as a payment option for customers.

When you want to take credit cards at your company, you must be approved to do so by a loan company, just as you would if you were applying for a company history of credit score. If you are not prepared in advance then apply for a free account is lengthy and time consuming. If you are familiar with the program ahead of time, you will find it easier to get approved and can start taking credit cards for your company.


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    Locate merchant account providers. Many national and regional banks provide a vendor account and solutions. There are also companies such as Merchant Solutions LLC, Merchant Service Group Inc. and Merchant Services Inc. that offer various types of vendor accounts and solutions.

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    Now consider choosing a method for accepting credit cards. Some solutions offer "virtual terminals" that allow you to make payments from credit cards through a secure website. Other solutions will provide you with a physical terminal to swipe the credit cards. The deal charges will be less when you have a physical terminal with credit cards to swipe than for a virtual terminal that only allows you to insert the credit cards details.

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    Now it is the time to compare charges between companies. There are a variety of charges associated with a free vendor account. You must choose one that's acceptable for your company purposes. Typically, a merchant account has a fixed fee per deal plus a fee that's a percentage of the deal, such as $0.30 plus 1.5 percent of the sale amount. There could also be monthly address verification and monthly program charges attached to the free account.

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    Obtain and complete a program from the bank or financial solutions provider. Usually, the program requires you to submit the entrepreneur information, information about the company, your banking consideration number and specific details about the plan you will be selecting for your credit cards vendor account such as the credit cards that you'll take and what type of terminal you'll use. Submit your program meeting all the requirements.

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