How to Start a Running Routine

If you have put on excess fat on the body, the best way of losing it is through running. If you go to a gym, you will have to spend extra time and money. Moreover, you will have to continue performing the exercises regularly in order to stay fit. Even if you leave the gym for a month, you will put on double the weight you had earlier lost. Therefore, don’t think of anything else than running. Once you have made up your mind, you should make a running program, which is quite easy, and then start acting on it in order to attain maximum fitness.


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    Make a plan

    Planning is quite important, as that will help you do things in an organised manner. While making a plan for a running routine, you have to keep in mind that it is not essential to do it throughout the week. Simply do it for three or four days and set a time, which you need to spend on the track regularly. The ideal thing would be to decide something between 20 to 30 minutes.

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    Buy good running shoes

    If your running shoes are uncomfortable, you should immediately buy a new pair. In case you continue following your routine with a bad pair of shoes, you might end up injuring yourself.

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    Look for a running partner

    Although you don’t need to start a running routine with a partner, it is ideal to get someone involved, so that you don’t get bored at all. Sometimes, one starts such an activity, but fails to carry on with it because of the fact that there is no excitement at all. If you have a partner, you can at least talk to him/her while running, and enjoy your time.

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    Learn the running technique

    In order to get the best results out of your routine, you have to be aware of the proper running technique. Make sure your hands are at your waist level and your shoulders are relaxed. Moreover, try landing softly on the ground, on the toes, as that will keep you away from injuries.

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    Make it a habit

    You should make running a routine and follow it regularly. It has got numerous benefits and will make your mind fresh. You will be able to notice the difference within a couple of weeks.

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