How to Build Endurance When Running

There is no doubt that indeed health is wealth. Good health is the best thing a person can have in his or her life. It takes a good bit of effort to make sure that one maintains his or her health on a long term basis, especially in an age where junk food consumption has become the norm.

One must not only be careful what to eat but also keep the body in motion. There are several ways of doing it including exercising, walking and running. Running is a great way of staying in shape as most of the muscles in the body are being put to work and you burn calories at a much faster rate than most other exercises.

It is not always easy to run for longer periods and tiredness or even soreness of body can creep in pretty quickly. In order to avoid this issue, one must build endurance. Like all things in life, it takes time, patience and perseverance and will not happen overnight.

But if you take all the right steps, there is no reason why you cannot build endurance and be able to run over longer periods and distances.


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    Set a Goal

    Make sure that when you start the running program, you have a goal in mind that where you want to reach. Know where you are standing right now and gradually build on that. Have an ultimate goal but start with smaller goals along the way as it will keep you encouraged.

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    Pace Yourself

    When you are running longer distances, do not try to give it your all in the first 100 meters. Instead, build a pace and try to keep it throughout the run. This is much better than a fast start after which the speed dies down altogether.

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    Use Interval Training

    It brings a number of advantages with it. You will not get tired too easily and it will keep your routine interesting as well. It is also not a bad thing that the intervals in which you run, you will be burning a greater number of calories and thus, getting in better shape as you build endurance.

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    Increase Running

    Initially you will need to run less and walk more. With time, reverse the trend and walk less and run more. This will help you build stamina and endurance and you will be able to run longer and faster as you train.

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