How to Start an eBay Customer Rewards Program

If you run an eBay business, then you should know that it really important to retain the customers, in order to increase your overall sales. If you do not make the customers return to you, then you are doing something really wrong. The retained customer is a constant source of income. So, if you have many, then it becomes really easy for you to boost your business opportunities.Starting a reward program on eBay is a great way to make the customers return to your profile and order your products again.


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    First of all, you need to decide what type of reward program you plan to use, in order to retain your customers. You can choose from different types of reward programs, such as giving a specific dollar amount on a specific level of purchase, or giving out coupon codes to your customers, so that they can get discounts on their next purchases.Whichever reward program you choose, always make sure that it is attractive enough to make your customers think about returning to your profile to purchase their required products.

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    You can put coupon codes in your shipped order, so that you can make your customers to return to your auctions and look for their desired products. Many people will just visit your auctions just to avail the coupon code. So, if you have anything of their interest at their return, then there is a good chance that you may end in closing another deal with the customer.

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    You can also offer free shipping for the order your customers make. It will encourage the customers to bid a bit higher, especially when they do not have to pay anything for shipping services. Many people bid a bit lower, compared to what they are actually willing to pay, just to cover the shipping costs.

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    You should also update your reward programs on your website. Also, you can send emails to your old customers, about the latest reward programs you are offering. Many customers will not return to your auctions, until they are given a reason to do so. So, if you inform them about the latest reward programs, they may get interested in visiting your auctions, which will result in getting more business for you.

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