How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

Running an ice cream truck business is both fascinating and rewarding, but setting up a new business from scratch may entail things that you have never thought of before. Running a business may sound easier than you think, but if you do not follow the guidelines and standards, your business is doomed to fail.

Despite all this, ice cream business is regarded as a lucrative business. Ice cream sells throughout the year, without you having to worry much about targeting a specific market because you can attract just about everyone – from a child to adult and elderly.


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    Make a business plan

    Make a brief business plan that covers almost every aspect of finance, marketing, and assets involved in setting up your ice cream truck business. Do market analysis and make a market plan according to you research. Mention how the operations will be carried out and finally how the finance will be used to acquire the assets and then used for further investment in marketing and other tasks. Also, mention what type of ice cream (brand) you will be selling.

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    Consider locations for your ice cream truck

    Of course you cannot be expected to park your truck everywhere you like and start selling ice cream. You will definitely want to find key locations where you will be selling your items. The decision to choose places can become real troubling if you do not know where you can find a large number of customers.

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    Get a truck that is suitable to your ice cream business

    You cannot start selling ice cream through a regular vehicle; it will require you to acquire a truck that is suitable for running an ice cream business. Consider gas mileage, size of the truck, freezer type and size. You can get a suitable truck quite easily as there are several companies that can provide you with custom-made trucks. Search for one in the classifieds.

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    Get proper license

    If you want to keep running your ice cream business smoothly, you must have license to operate a truck. Check with your state officials about the laws and rules. The laws can vary greatly from state to state and city to city.

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    Check with the Health Department

    Another thing that you will need to have is approval from the Health Department. As all the food business have to be certified with the Health Department, you will also be required to have regular inspections on the truck.

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