How to Start Yahoo Messenger Video Conference

Yahoo Messenger has made it convenient to initiate video calls with your friends, family and other Yahoo Messenger users. In order to make a video call, you need to have a webcam. The webcam is connected to the USB port of your computer and installed with all its drivers that come along with it. Video calls can be used in a business setting for conferencing purposes as well as for personal uses like when talking to friends. So if you wish to make a video call via Yahoo Messenger, below is the guide to start Yahoo Messenger video conference.


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    Obviously make sure that your laptop or computer is on and that your operating system has fully loaded. Find your internet browser icon and click on it. Once you have opened you internet browser then visit and download the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. Make sure you wait for the download to complete properly.

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    In the USB port of your computer, plug your webcam and microphone. Now carefully install the drivers that come with your webcam. The webcam will come with a CD which you should put in the CD-ROM or DVD drive of your computer. After plugging the webcam in to the USB port of your computer, the operating system will ask for the drivers. You should browse the CD to find the appropriate drivers and allow them to fully install. Once you are done with this process, start Yahoo Messenger by double clicking on the icon.

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    Press the down arrow to view the contact list and select the person that you want to start video conference with. Search for the user in case he/she is not in your contact list.

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    Now click the “Start Video Call” option and an invitation will be sent to other user’s computer. To initiate video conferencing, the other user has to accept the invitation. Make sure that you know the person and that you are not randomly asking strangers for a video chat. This can create problems for you, especially if someone complains or blocks you. Remember Yahoo takes everyone's privacy very seriously so do not joke around and just randomly click on contacts for a video chat as a lot of people do not like this sort of behaviour.

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    Make sure you adjust Audio/Video settings in the Yahoo Video and Yahoo Voice assistant. This process will assist you to make the best possible settings for video conferencing. Make sure that the person you want to video chat with also has checked their video and audio settings to make sure that you can hear and see them as well.

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    In case you are chatting and want to initiate video conferencing, you can just click the “Video Call” tab in the instant message window interface. It is a good idea to ask the other person that you chatting with if it is acceptable for them as well. Once you are both connected then you should be able to see and hear each other properly. If it doesn't work for some reason then try again after a few minutes. Also, it can sometimes get disconnected for any particular reason, if this happens then just wait a few minutes and try again.

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