How to Stay In Shape While Traveling

Travelling changes your daily routine; weather it is for work or leisure. You have the easiest excuse to cheat on your work out and diet: “I am on vacation”.  The fatty junk food attracts more and so does lazing around on the beaches. Sometimes you have to be up early for meetings or get off late after dinner parties and there is no time for a work out. But don’t let these excuses ruin you fitness. Watch out for the extra kilos by following the tips below.

Things Required:

– Exercise shoes
– Exercise clothes


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    The most important thing before hitting the road is to be prepared. Don’t forget to put your workout clothes and shoes in the suit case. Also keep your iPod so you have company while exercising. This way you will not have an excuse. Hotels usually have fitness centers or gyms; so make use of them. If you are in no mood to go to the gym; use the swimming pool and do some laps.

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    Avoid the extravagant breakfast buffet filled with fattening pastries and croissants. Go for fresh fruit salads or Greek yogurts. Many hotels have coffee makers to facilitate their guests. It can be used for making healthy breakfast too besides coffee; like instant oatmeal.

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    Fill the Mini-Bar

    Before you got to your hotel room, take a trip to the grocery mart. Buy some fresh fruit, yogurt, baby carrots etc. open your mini bar and put the junk on the side and fill it with healthy items. When you will have healthy food on hand, you are less likely to fall prey to the junk food.

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    Walking around

    One of the simplest ways to stay in shape is to walk. It is a great way to explore the city too. Ask the staff for some directions to the nearby tourist attractions and if the distances are around a mile, travel on foot.

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    A long journey could make you dehydrated. Taking caffeine or alcohol will make it worse. Make sure to drink water regularly so that you stay hydrated. It is also a calorie free drink.
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    Get up early

    No matter how hard it is, it will always help. After a hectic day, nobody is In the mood to exercise. So get done with it the first thing in the morning. This way your day will be tension free and you will feel positive about yourself.

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