How to Stop a Post Nasal Drip Cough

When excess mucus mounts up in the back of the throat, it causes a post nasal drip. It creates a feeling of dripping mucus and can lead to a chronic cough or a sore throat. The excess is usually gathered in the backside of the nose and also causes nausea and difficulty in breathing.

First you need to find cause in order to heal this problem. It may be an allergic reaction or non-allergic rhinitis. It is usually caused from pollens, hormonal changes, pregnancies or even a cold.

Things Required:

– Medications
– Nasal spray
– Water, juices or herbal teas
– Salt


  • 1

    Determine the cause of the post nasal drip cough

    First of all you need to figure out the cause of this problem. It can be caused by allergens e.g. pollen, dust or pet dander which irritates the nasal activity and eventually cause the post nasal drip.

    - If it is caused by allergies like the above mentioned then take allergy medications like antihistamines.

    - You need to properly wash your pets in order to remove dander which can cause this problem. In case the allergic reaction is severe then keep your pets outdoor.

    - Remove plants from your house and seal pillows and mattresses in plastic in order to reduce allergens during sleep.

    - In case you have a cold then use medicines present in your house for this purpose.

    - If you think your post nasal drip cough cause is due to hormonal changes then take medicines prescribed by your doctor.

    Note that if you are pregnant then don’t use medicines without your doctor approval.

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    Nasal Sprays

    You can use nasal sprays to cure from the post nasal drip cough. They are easily available in pharmacies. These sprays reduce the excess mucous which will help you heal faster.

    Remember not to use these sprays for more than three days consecutively or you may damage your nasal cavities.

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    Avoid dairy products

    If you are suffering from this problem then avoid dairy products. The dairy products especially milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream worsen this problem by thickening the mucous.

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    Drink water

    Water is one of the best ways to cure this problem. It thins the mucous and stops its build-up inside your nose.

    You should also drink herbal tea and juices in excess to quickly heal.

  • 5

    Gargle the mixture of salt and water

    Make a mixture of salt and water and then gargle it. Use half table spoon of salt to make this mixture. The solution will clear your throat and help to get out the mucous. Gargle twice a day for quick recovery.

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