How to Reduce Your Gluten Intake

For those with Celiac disease, consumption of gluten can cause a lot of health problems. Their bodies have an intolerance for gluten and its use results in inflammation of the digestive system. Unfortunately, gluten is a natural protein found in many of our common food ingredients like wheat, rye, barley and oats. For those with Celiac, consuming these grains can result in great discomfort. They are unable to digest them and it disturbs the villi, the finger like projections in our small intestine which aid digestion. The best prevention from Celiac is to keep away from foods with gluten.


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    Cut down on the gluten as much as you can. Cutting down on grains such as wheat will be difficult because of its importance in our diet. Foods that contain grain are pasta, cakes, cookies, and pizza. However, you do not have to give up on these foods. Start with a small reduction and build up till you are used to eating without any grains at all. There are options available in rice flour. When you buy mixes and ingredients for such foods, check the package for contents and make sure that they are gluten free.

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    Steer yourself away from the grains. Once you do so, you will discover that you can still enjoy a lot of other foods that do not have any grain content in them. Fresh vegetables are not only gluten free, but are also very good for your health. Experiment with different recipes of vegetables to keep the meals exciting. Soon you will not even notice the absence of bread. You can combine the vegetables with rice too.  However, make sure that any sauces that you use are also gluten free.

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    Fruits are another safe and healthy option you can try. Eat fresh fruits daily. Make shakes and juices to introduce variety. You can also make delicious desserts out of these fruits. Fruits also build your immunity and provide you with antioxidants.

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    Substitute your regular milk intake with lactose free milk. For Celiac patients, digesting the lactose in milk can be difficult because the intestines grow sensitive. It will be difficult for the intestines to absorb the gluten.  Another change that you will have to make in your drinking habits is to replace your beer with wine. Since beer is made from barley which is a grain, it has gluten in it.  Wine is distilled and is made of fruits and vegetables which are gluten free.

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