How to Make a Gift Basket for a Friend

Presenting a gift basket has always been a common gesture among friends. You can place the things your friend likes in a basket and decorate it nicely to gift it to a friend on a special occasion such as a birthday. The gift basket gives you a variety of options on what to present according to the likes of the particular person.

You can add interesting items such as CD’s, salsas and fruits in the gift basket you are making. They are very easy to make as you just need to place the items in the basket and decorate them.


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    Buy a basket

    First of all, buy a decent basket for the gift. You can choose the basket you want from a local thrift store. Try to get the right size of the basket as there are a variety of sizes available in the market. You should consider the colour or the shape of the basket beforehand in accordance with the person you need to present the basket to.

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    Determine what things you need to add to the basket

    This is the most important part. You need to determine what items you want to place in the basket. This will highly depend on the person you are sending the gift to. If the friend is a girl, you can always add chocolates, candies, candles, magazine etc. This depends on the person’s hobbies and likes.

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    Fill the base of the basket

    The next thing you need to do is to fill in the base of the basket with colourful tissue papers. This is done to cover the base of the basket and also to provide a firm hold to the things that need to be placed. You can also use cellophane or wrapping paper instead of tissue papers.

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    Add the items to the basket

    Carefully place the items in the basket. You should place the items in a proper manner with the smaller items in front and the larger and heavier items in the back. This will also give a neat look to the basket and it will be easier to carry.

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    Decorate the basket

    When all the items are placed, you need to give the final touches by decorating it. Wrap a plastic paper over all the items and decorate the handle with a bow.

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