How to Stop Eczema Flare Ups

Eczema is a skin condition similar to dermatitis and it results in painful flare ups and itching. The rashes, redness and scaly skin can be contained by prescription drugs. On the other hand, the itching and tenderness a number of patients go through makes daily work hard and needs adjustments in clothing, cosmetic use and exercise. Be aware of the fact that you can minimize eczema conditions by medications and treatment from a specialist doctor. You can stop eczema flare up by following some simple techniques.


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    Find the reason for flaring up

    See why the skin is flaring up. Know that a change in diet, beauty products, stress, makeup or even exposure to cleaning fluids like detergents or dish washing liquids can result in eczema. Remove products with harmful ingredients from your shelves and medicine cupboards. Try to stop using cosmetic products because formaldehyde is used in them and causes eczema flare ups in a lot of people. In addition to this, Polyethylene Glycol is used in cleaning products and results in the condition as well. Other causes include mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, petrolatum and isopropyl alcohol. These can also give you a nasty headache and dizziness.

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    Further instructions

    Select a good quality emollient. Herbal brands in oil, cream, lotion or ointment form are better to use and do not damage sensitive skin. Moreover, ingredients such as emu oil, shea butter and oatmeal soothe the skin. Understand that Eucerin, Cetaphil and Aveeno lotions, creams and baths treat eczema patients. Purchase fish oil capsules, Vitamin A, Vitamin B capsules or zinc and use them on a daily basis to improve your skin and reduce eczema flare ups.

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    Reduce tension and stress

    Try to stay relaxed as it is a healthy way of living and do not get bothered by small things. Meditate and practice breathing exercises to keep calm. Furthermore, read positive quotes and books. A positive attitude will assist your body and mind to stay fresh and stop eczema flare ups. You also need to stay out of the sun whenever you can or wear a hat when you go out as direct sunlight will increase the effect of eczema flare ups.

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