Signs & Symptoms Allergies to Pollen

Pollen allergy is one of the most widely occurring allergies that people are suffering from these days. It occurs due to interaction with the pollen grains that exist in plants. These grains are found in the male plants and are used in the process of reproduction. This is unfortunately, the most common cause of allergic rhinitis in people. According to Robert Johnson University hospital, pollen allergy was declared as the most frequently happening allergy to the common public and this was seen as a matter of some major concern. A person who is allergic to pollen, when comes across the grain, his/her immune system responds in a way that it overreacts when the pollen is inhaled. This in turn causes some bothersome symptoms to appear and may also induce fever. The fever that is caused via pollen allergy is termed as hay fever. The symptoms that generally appear are similar to that of a common cold and are addressed here in the article.


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    Nasal Symptoms:
    A runny nose is one of the most common and bothersome symptom of the pollen allergy. This is very similar to the common cold and the runny nose that one encounters when suffering from it. This can also be accompanied by an itchy nose and one can also experience post-nasal drip. After the passage of time, the nose may become stuffed as well and may cause difficulties in breathing.

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    Sneezing is also one of the commonest symptoms of pollen allergy and it happens frequently when a person suffers from an overreaction of immune system after interaction with a pollen particle. In some cases, dry cough may also develop after the sneezing and it is a source of irritation.

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    Itchy Eyes:
    Allergic reactions from pollen grains are also responsible for watery eyes. The eyes may start to water after a reaction with the pollen dust particles.

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    The pollen allergies are also responsible for causing headaches and these are mainly encountered because of the pressure built in the nasal cavities. Along with these headaches, the sufferers can also experience pains in other parts of the bodies due to the pressure and this can travel to other parts of the face as well.

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    Ear Stuffiness:
    Because of allergic rhinitis, a person’s ears may also get stuffed and congested. This is also a common symptom of the allergy and some people may even encounter temporary hearing loss due to the disease.

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