How to Stop Forgetting Things

Remember the time when you were in school, and despite learning the lesson by heart, forgot everything infront of the teacher. Then came the time when you grew older and kept on misplacing things, only for your mother to find it. Years passed on and you kept on making blunders, all linked to you habit of forgetfulness, until the day came when you forgot to pick up your kid after school. That is when you decided enough is enough and it’s time to make changes.

But how to do that, especially when it comes to forgetfulness?

Confused? – Don’t be.

Because there are some easy steps which can help you overcome this annoying habit. All you need is a strict regime for a few months.


  • 1

    Take proper breakfast

    This one is a winner. You might have heard many people talk about how important a good breakfast is for your health. They couldn’t be more right. It is now a medically accepted fact that a good breakfast keeps your brain cells healthy and helps to jump start your day. What it does is to provide a stimulus to your mind, which remains active, and eventually helps you to remember.

  • 2

    Take proper sleep

    A good night’s sleep is critical for mental health. Proper rest keeps your mind sharp and increases its receptive power.

  • 3

    Organize yourself

    One of the most important steps in overcoming your forgetfulness is to bring small organizational changes in your life. Adopt methods which can help you in remembering. These methods include setting up alarms on the mobile phone, placing tags on the refrigerator, creating a to-do list everyday and so on. The purpose is to ensure that you have catered for everything, which holds importance on a particular day.

  • 4

    Don’t leave work for tomorrow

    While this should be the principal for everybody, forgetful or not, but its importance increases manifold in the former case. Do not leave something pending, when you know there is a chance that you might forget to do it on the next day.

  • 5

    Seek support from friends and family

    Family and close friends can help you a lot in this regard, but you should not be over dependant on them. Try to manage your daily routine all by yourself, but in case you miss something, request them to remind you. Gradually your self-respect will force you to be perfect.

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